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We are Visionmate, innovators in tech and your digital solutions expert. If you are searching for a partner to help you with everything from the first website, optimizing your online store, integrating systems or develop an App that will disrupt the market – we are here to help!


Customer cases


Renault Finance Nordic is the financial partner for the Renault and Dacia brands. The branch…


The Tobias register 30 years

The Tobias Registry is the Swedish registry for blood stem cells. The Tobias register helps…


Loomis eStore

Loomis eStore AB is a part of the Loomis Group and delivers security packages and…


Our services

In IT projects we work together with ERP consultants, varying partners as well as directly with the end customer. Please read more about some of the services we offer:

Web Development

Advanced web and business development connected to IT. We are your total development resource.
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Integrations of existing or new systems. Total analysis of your system needs, based on business benefits and efficiency.
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Effective online stores. A customized e-commerce makes the web a natural and profitable channel for your sales.
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Development of online applications for computers and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.
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Visionmate has always been available, been responsive and provided quick feedback – we are very pleased with the cooperation!

Olivia Delbohm, Finance & Purchasing, ÅSÖ AB

We are very pleased with the cooperation and are grateful for the prompt response that Visionmate has always given us when we needed their help.

Marcus Ohlin CEO, Loomis eStore

We think Visionmate has delivered with efficiency also adding great value in the business process. We highly recommend them as data integration partner.

Thomas Moström VD, Polgate AB

It is important with a provider that quickly picks up and understands our business process. Visionmate has delivered with efficiency and accuracy and have helped us to add digital benefits in our conversations with our own customers.

Claes Lagergren Partner, Partner at Gretabo

We are an advertising agency focused on front end development and have worked with Visionmate in various projects. The company has always delivered good technical solutions – fast, smooth and efficient.

Stefan Carsäter, PS Communications

We have used Visionmate as a partner for extra help during production peaks. We think Visionmate has been flexible, responsive and have always delivered with good quality.

Kenny Johansson CEO, Mediakonsulterna AB

Company updates

Warm welcome Vallagruppen’s customers!

Vallagruppen started 15 years ago and is a well-established local webagency in Sweden, after a change of ownership with a new strategy, allcustomers are now welcomed to us at Visionmate.…
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Amazon will come to Sweden

Everyone undoubtedly, unless you are totally of the web, knows by now that Amazon will come to Sweden. This internet giant that has devoured almost half of all e-commerce in…
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