About – Visionmate – A full-service digital partner

Visionmate is a software house that understands business. Together as founders we have extensive experience in IT, international HR, sales and business development. We are head quartered in Stockholm, Sweden. 

We started the company in 2017 and we have already gained the trust of a number of major associations, organizations and listed companies. We believe that a well balanced combination of skills and the ability to attract talent are key factors to our success.

We develop and sell our own products, offer ongoing development and we also do active investments linked to tech offering sweat equity. Our goal is to continue the expansionary growth and become the natural alternative for resource supply in IT.


We believe in close relationships between our staff, our customers and partners in order to provide the best solutions for IT and software development.

In our agile working method we have self-organized teams and together we make the critical decisions on the way to the common goal, the distance between the staffs effort and the managements feed back should always be short.

As web developers, we work both nationally and internationally, which is good for a broader and more flexible supply of skills. The development takes place primarily from our offices in Stockholm and Central Europe, where we place high demands on our employees on language, qualifications and attitudes.

Meet the team

Andreas Bagge
Daniel Bjuhr
Agnieszka Nadolnik
Front-End Developer
Daniel Karlsson
Ed Leshchenko
UI / UX Designer
Alexandr Khantil
Java Web Developer
Sławomir Drąg
Web Developer
Wayne Smith
Radosław Roszkowski
WordPress Developer
Chris Trynkiewicz
Project Manager
Maciej Wanicki
Java Web Developer
Sebastian Świątek
Java Web Developer
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Work for us

We are always searching for new talent in web development. Are you skilled in HTML & CSS, Javascript, ReactJS, WordPress or another known CMS? Or are you an experienced Java programmer? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us