About – Visionmate – A full-service digital partner

Visionmate, based in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is your dedicated Tech Partner specializing in innovative and cost-effective IT solutions. Since our establishment in 2017, we’ve enthusiastically collaborated with major organizations, bringing along our diverse skill set and a positive approach.

We develop and sell our own products, offer ongoing consultation, and work both directly with end customers and in partnerships, such as with ERP consultants in various well-known systems.

Beyond delivering cutting-edge solutions, our commitment is to ensure the success and satisfaction of our clients, making us the preferred choice in the dynamic landscape of IT solutions. If you’re seeking a partner with expertise and a positive mindset, Visionmate is here for you

Visionmate team

We prioritize close relationships with our staff, customers, and partners to deliver optimal IT and software solutions.

In our agile working method, we have self-organized teams. Together, we make critical decisions on the way to the common goal. The distance between the staff’s effort and management’s feedback should always be short.

As IT innovators, we work both nationally and internationally, providing a broader and more flexible supply of skills. Development primarily takes place in our offices in Stockholm and Krakow, where we have high expectations for our employees in terms of language skills, attitudes, and qualifications.

Meet the team

Sebastian Świątek
Lead Developer
Daniel Bjuhr
Emil Söderholtz
Digital Strategist
Daniel Karlsson
Ed Leshchenko
UI / UX Designer
Dan Sadiku
Devops Intern
Alexandr Khantil
Web Developer
Maciej Wanicki
Web Developer
Jan Pěnčík
Web Developer
Wojciech Białonoga
WordPress Developer
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We are always searching for new talent in web development. Are you skilled in HTML & CSS, Javascript, ReactJS, WordPress or another known CMS? Or are you an experienced Java programmer? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us