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Push notifications in Grails and React.js based web projects

This article is more technical oriented and targeting other developers, not the final client. Usually, systems require communication from the server to the client. This is essential because some events…
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Introduction to Kanban and how it benefits small IT companies

Visionmate was founded almost 2 years ago. We have always tried to keep implementing new tools and methodologies to help us provide better services and maintain integrity within the team.…
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About to start a web shop? Here are 10 things you should think about

1. Stand out from the crow. There are a lot of web shops out there, so try to find a unique niche and target group. By focusing on niche articles…
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Testing React applications with Jest and Enzyme

Testing is an essential part of software development, ensures maintainability of code. Writing automatic tests helps to locate new bugs, improve quality and perfectly complements manual testing. In this article…
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Internationalization and Localization in WordPress

When developing a WordPress theme from scratch it’s a good practice to internationalize your theme so it’s available for translation. It will allow people from all over the world to…
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Aspect-oriented programming using Spring AOP over Grails framework

Preface Aspect-oriented programming (AOP) is a new concept and paradigm. It allows basically to add functionality to modules and classes without modifying the code, it is possible by configuring Pointcut,…
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Form validation in VueJS

In this article I would like to focus your attention on a JavaScript framework called VueJS, in particular on form validation. I will not go into the details but overall…
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Official integration partner to Visma

Visionmate is now an official integration partner to Visma. With our latest solutions, we can definitely help businesses to prosper online! Being an integration partner means that we develop solutions…
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Improving React forms with Redux Form

Intro Redux is a great tool to dramatically improve data management in your application. Therefore, a natural step would be to use it also for your application forms. This would…
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Animation in React using React Transition Group

Recently I was working on a new project that is developed in React. Part of my job was to translate static HTML into interactive React components. I wanted to liven…
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