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Web Development

Do talk with us about simple or advanced Web applications. As a digital resource, we can work together with you in a partnership or, for example, as third-party developers if you are the project manager. We offer product design workshops and are with you as early as you want, we love newly hatched ideas.


One of the main reasons the organization wants to become more digital is probably the development of new business and services, but also to customize existing business and streamline its communication. We analyse the needs, based on business benefits, and we dare to challenge.


In our development process we are flexible, but we mainly use Java, Python, PHP, C# but also JavaScript frameworks such as ReactJS and AngularJS. With an agile working method, established tools and models, we ensure that the technology and user-friendliness always work together.


Please read more about how we help Loomis eStore, market leaders in cash security management, with advanced web development or do not hesitate to contact us today.

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