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Early Bird

A Data Lake to smoothly manage information flows of financial data for better decision-making

Early Bird also known as MTD was founded in 1992 and is a distribution network covering all of Sweden. They distribute morning newspapers, packages, variety of magazines, game vouchers and much more. The MTD Group has an annual turnover of just over 3 billion SEK.


Early Bird is nationwide and sells and develops an efficient distribution service based on 40 terminals and approximately 8,000 distributors. Naturally the company has high demands on their processes and needed a solution to manage the information of financial data flowing between the Visma.net system and the system from Mercur.


We developed a Data Lake using Serverless Microservices. The solution allows Early Bird to smoothly handle tasks such as reporting, visualization, advanced analysis and machine learning. This technical bridge has become an important part of reporting and decision-making in the business.

The project was carried out in collaboration with the ERP consultant Intrapoint.

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