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Our technology enabled messages of love and friendship to light up the facades of Hötorgsskraporna

The Tobias Registry is the Swedish registry for blood stem cells. The Tobias register helps sick people find a matching donor. Today, over 223,000 people are in the register. But 30 % of everyone who needs blood stem cells never finds a suitable donor. That’s why they need to be more. Many more.

In order to draw attention to the Tobias register, we as a development partner together with the creative agency Spider Stockholm have been involved in creating the technology for the anniversary campaign “Walls of Love”. The campaign let messages of love light up the facades of Hötorgskrapornas, city Skyscrapers in Stockholm, during the evening.


The campaign was based on the communicative concept – Sharing is caring. It was an interactive event where passers-by could send love messages to someone they wanted to pay attention to via mobile phone.. A little while later, the message appeared on the skyscrapers facade. This approach meant that very high technical demands were needed to make it work seamlessly – from the user’s message on the phone to it being projected onto the wall of the facade in real time. The user also received a picture of their greeting sent to them via SMS to be able to share it on social media.


At Visionmate, we developed a specially adapted technical solution that enabled direct communication between the people down on the street and Hötorgskrapornas facade in real time. The user could, for example, by scanning a QR code on the street below, choose who they wanted to send love to, and what they wanted to say.

We performed the implementation of a page for projection, setup of operation with load balancing, setup of the SMS service in AWS, etc. We worked with formulas for how long each message should be displayed (lower when the message queue is long), display of morphing logo and many more configurations that were needed during the implementation.


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  • React
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