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Easily accessible and reliable medical information for patients and relatives in an App

Tillotts Pharma AB is a pharmaceutical company focused on gastroenterology / inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Tilllotts has existed as a Nordic market company since the end of 2008 with an office in Stockholm Sweden, the head office is in Switzerland. Tillotts Pharma AB is included in the Zeria Group.


An important part of Tillott’s business is to convey knowledge in the field of inflammatory bowel diseases to patients and healthcare professionals. There is also a desire among patients and relatives to learn more about IBD from a reliable and easily accessible source.


In collaboration with our partner FWD, where FWD is responsible for the entire visual identity and Visionmate for the programming, we developed the IBD 360 app, which gives the user easy and educational access to education and information about inflammatory bowel diseases (“IBD”). In order to make as cost-effective, but also fully acceptable, solution as possible, we developed a backend that presents HTML pages and frontend in React Native.




  • React Native
  • AWS S3 Bucket



The app provides information and education about IBD/inflammatory bowel diseases, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease and microscopic colitis.

Now the user can easily find out:

– How common the diseases are

– What symptoms can you suffer from

– How the diagnosis is made, and which examinations are usually carried out

– Treatment options

– Living with an inflammatory bowel disease – travel, school/work, having children, etc.

Several hospitals and care centers use the app daily as an important information tool around Sweden.



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