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Åsö in Åtvidaberg

A cloud-based business solution with customized integrations that enhance accessibility within the organization

Åsö in Åtvidaberg AB is a chocolate wholesaler who sells and stores exclusive products for making pastries, pralines, desserts, decorations, packaging materials, tea and utensils. Customers are primarily pastry shops, bakers, restaurants and gourmet shops.


A cloud based business solution was a requirement and a strategic choice for Åsö. Systems that require servers and installations began to feel old-fashioned and because the organization is spread across several locations in Sweden accessibility was an important factor. When the business system also needed to be linked to the webshop, transport systems and an ingredient management system, it became important for a solution that managed these customized integrations. Visionmate has developed a smooth and well-functioning integration that is individually tailored to the customer’s needs.

This project was made in collaboration with ERP-consultant Polgate.


  • Grails (Java)


“An important step towards streamlining our process has been to integrate our transport system with our business system. Visionmate has helped us build a smooth and well-functioning integration tailored to our wishes, which will save us both time and money. Visionmate has always been available, been responsive and provided quick feedback – we are very pleased with the cooperation! “

Olivia Dehlbom Financing & Purchasing, ÅSÖ AB


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