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The Butler Service App

Full FSM system consisting of users, performers, suppliers, license customers and investors, in an App


The first Butler company was founded in 2001 and has since then grown into a company group consisting of 14 companies with a turnover of SEK 350M+. The Butler Group is active in property development, complete solutions for restaurants/shops, and property management.

Butler always tries to be pioneers in their industry and saw an opportunity to develop a tool to revolutionize the market of field service management.


Butler wanted a complete ecosystem consisting of users, performers, suppliers, licensees, and investors – where all parts of the system work together.

The hub of the ecosystem is an App, the Butler Service App, which brings together users, users with contractors, quality assurance, simplification, generating offers and discounts, creating clarity and efficiency at all levels – regardless of what is in the system.

Joining should be easy, the user should be able to download the app, get started with a couple of button presses, and quickly discover all the possibilities for the business. The assignment, therefore, placed high demands on user experience and full-stack development.


  • Java
  • React Native


At Visionmate, in close dialogue with Butler, we have developed a complete platform that connects contractors and clients, all in one App. The customer makes a booking, on their mobile or tablet, and receives feedback and service performed by competent and quality-assured contractors. For the doer, current assignments are displayed, and jobs are picked with the press of a button according to authorizations and schedule.

Ordering and performing field service is now easier, safer, and more efficient.

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