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A customized integration that automatically sends information from Husse’s e-commerce to the business system

Husse started in 1987 and is now, after more than 30 years, leading in Europe in home delivery of dog, cat and horse products with its own brand. Husse has about 1100 franchisees in more than 50 countries, which daily deliver home products to their customers.


Husses business concept is to give the customer a unique experience with a combination of personal advice and home delivery. Husse maintains high quality products and has a Swedish brand with a well-integrated product range.


Husse wanted to have a cloud based business system with automated processes available from all parts of the world. The choice then fell on Visionmate has developed a customised integration that automatically sends information from Husses e-commerce into the business system.

This project was made in collaboration with ERP-consultant Polgate.




  • Java
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