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Fredrikstad Animal Hospital

Web-based system that solves time-consuming processing around document management for veterinarians

Fredrikstad Animal Hospital is Norway’s largest privately owned animal hospital and you can find their popular documentary series VETERINÆRERNE on TV3. In addition to having a nominated (Gullruten) TV series, the company are technical pioneers in their industry and are counted as one of the country’s most advanced animal hospital.


Fredrikstad Animal Hospital came to us with an idea based on their needs for streamlining the much time-consuming and regulatory document management on their market. The company had seen major shortcomings when searching for flexible web-based systems suited for animal hospitals. The systems had to solve various processes concerning document management for veterinarians. After some discussions we came to the conclusion to join hands and develop the web application VetDesk.


With VetDesk, the documents are easily uploaded into a cloud, categorized by subject and stored automatically in a wiki-like environment. The entire document is also written in html and the original document remains as a separate file that can be opened individually. The immediate advantage is that a search in the entire database, including text in the document itself, goes lightning fast and the result is displayed after a fraction of a second.

VetDesk comes in several languages ​​and can be used separately or as part of the existing journal program. The app warns when it is time for supervision, which helps the database to always have updated records according to current regulations.




  • Grails (Java)
  • React

VetDesk is currently used as the main document management system and the natural source for knowledge at Fredrikstad Animal Hospital. The system is also offered to and used by several other animal hospitals in Norway.

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