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Custom multisite in WordPress that allows Ekoappen to easily create and manage multiple roles

Ekoappen.se is a part of the fast-growing company group NOSIUM Ventures. In a short time, the group has grown with great speed in the health and beauty industry with brands such as Dr Sannas, Natural Shop Europe, Younevity and Ekoappen. The goal of Ekoappen is to be the natural choice for sustainable and ecological inspiration.


Ekoappen has a digital magazine and a member club for natural health and sustainable lifestyle. At ekoappen.se, in the app, the newsletter and social media, they share knowledge and inspiration for how you can live a healthier and more sustainable life. The company needed help developing an updated web solution and mobile application with an administration that handles all of these areas. For example, solutions were needed where the blogger could see and change only what they had access to and and a place the experts could log in and answer questions from the community.


Based on this, we at Visionmate developed a new platform with new features and tailored design. We developed a specially adapted website for several users in WordPress that allows Ekoappen to easily create and manage several types of roles from a single location. This means that Ekoappen and their partners / employees can keep their specific areas updated without any hassle. The site contains, for example, a multi author blog, news with e-mail integrations, expert panel, portal with a community. The site can easily be further developed when the need grows. In order for the website to withstand the pressure, we chose to install the hosting on Amazon Web Services.

The mobile application was developed in React Native and is adapted for iOS (iPhone) and Google Play (Android). In addition to the article content from the website, the app also has features such as membership cards, notifications and membership offers from partners.




  • WordPress
    React Native

We worked very closely with the Ekoappen team and got to know the company’s business concept and thinking. We had daily reconciliations to make sure that the end product would be as the customer requested. The website received a fantastic reception and after only a week the site had already grown more than two major health magazines online. With the over one hundred thousand visitors only during the first week, the installation of Amazon Web Services also proved to be the right decision for keeping the site’s endurance.

The app has received good ratings from the users and was recently recommended by the Swedish WWF.

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