– Visionmate – A full-service digital partner is part of Condor werkzeug. German quality tools without any middlemen! offers thousands of quality articles in the car tool industry and they needed help with developing an easy-to-use solution to reach both new and existing customers. Initially, the system needed B2B support, but it was just as important to prepare it for sales on the B2C market. In the B2B system, the traveling salesman should be able to easily and quickly add new customers directly in to the webshop, without having to log in to the ERP-system.

Needs uses as their ERP-system, and they wanted to be able to handle articles, prices, customers, campaigns and deliveries of packages within the system. All current data would initially be exported from the system to the webshop and then be synchronized continuously. Workshops could, for example, search for engine codes and other fields. They did not need to log into two separate systems to administer all the parts. It was also important that the overall solution was free from unnecessary overhead costs for functions that simply wasn’t needed. This required the webshop to be both stable and extremely fast.


Visionmate decided, based on the customer’s needs, that the open source solution Woocommerce had a good foundation for developing the shop with the functionality that was sought.

In combination with a fast search engine, we were also able to speed up the performance considerably. Visionmate also built parts of the shop to cope with’s complex pricing structure with campaigns in all different levels, without sacrificing the technical basic structure that the shop has. This means that the shop can still be upgraded to whatever version if future needed. Visionmate installed and set up bidirectional synchronization of articles, prices, customers, inventory balance etc. and also built functionality so that packages that are put into delivery inside automatically receive track numbers from Unifaun. Labels for the packages are also printed automatically via the system that we set up, without any manual intervention.

The project was made in collaboration with ERP-consultant Intrapoint.


  • WooCommerce
  • Grails (Java)
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