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E-commerce integration for Visma.net

Orders from e-commerce to Visma.net

Plugin for your webshop that automatically sends orders from one or more webshops to Visma.net. Supports multiple e-commerce platforms such as WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Magento, etc. Supports installation for sending information from multiple webshops in to one admin (Visma.net). Can be configured to use different vendors and / or stock in Visma.net, depending on which webshop the orders are coming from.

Customers from Ecommerce to Visma.net

An e-commerce plugin that automatically sends new or updated customer data from one or multiple webshops to Visma.net. Supports a wide range of e-commerce platforms such as WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Magento, etc. Supports installation from multiple webshops to one Visma.net.


Combine our webshop plugins with “Data to Webshop” (DTW) wich also handles customer data and articles created in Visma.net. These two modules in combination provide dual-directional management in Visma.net to and from your e-commerce.

Data to webshop

Database engine with queue management that checks if something has changed in Visma.net with on going time intervals. Articles and price lists are kept on track and are based on Visma.net’s advanced discounts and promotions. If a price is affected by a promotion or similar then the price will be updated in your webshop. In addition, there are modules for detailed handling of, for example, currencies, item information, inventory balance, prices/discounts and delivery address.

If you edit customer data in Visma.net, then these changes will be transferred to your webshop so your customers can log in. This includes customers’ invoice and delivery address, customer-specific price lists and / or customer-specific prices. For more information about managing customer-specific price lists, please refer to Module DW: 4 “Customers” in the product sheet. You can also add an audience category in Visma.net that manages prices for those customers who do not have a login to the webshop.


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Certified integration partner

As a certified integration partner for Visma, we offer ready-made solutions and services for use with Visma.net. We also develop customized integration solutions for Visma.net and / or your specific business system.


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