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Automated cloud-based solution. The integration contains 6 modules that provides a seamless connection between the e-commerce platform and

1. Customers from e-commerce to

Plugin that automatically sends new or updated customer data from one or more web shops to

2. Orders from e-commerce to
Plugin that sends order data from one or more web shops to

3. Data to web shop
Engine with queue management that checks at regular intervals if anything has changed in

4. Prices and discounts
Sends over price lists continuously to the web shop. The price sent is based on’s discounts and promotions. Available for different currencies.

5. Articles
Transfers information about edited articles in to your web shop. It includes all images from the article, optional attributes and also attachments that can be descriptions in a PDF format or similar.

6. Customers
Transfers edited customers in to the e-commerce. It includes invoice and delivery address, customer-specific price lists and / or customer-class specific prices.

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Certified integration partner
As a certified integration partner for Visma, we offer ready-made solutions and services for use with We also develop customized integration solutions for and / or your specific business system.


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